Dangerous situation in Sunnyvale has temporary fix with permanent one ahead: Roadshow

Dangerous situation in Sunnyvale has temporary fix with permanent one ahead: Roadshow

Q: There is no overhead signal going northbound on Fair Oaks Avenue at Weddell Drive in Sunnyvale. There is only one to the side. Drivers think there is no signal. There were recently two serious accidents within 48 hours there. The Sunnyvale city council said this is Caltrans’ jurisdiction, but nothing has been done, despite many appeals to the city council. There used to be an overhead light, but it was not time-synced to the light at the on- and off-ramp to Highway 101. That confused drivers. Lights need to be red or green at the same time, but removing one has set us up for catastrophic consequences and potential deaths. Something needs to be done.

Kathy Waddell

A: I forwarded your message to Caltrans for their response about this situation. They said that Sunnyvale Public Works recently had a water main break near the traffic signal at that intersection, and that caused the signal infrastructure to sink in. City crews removed the traffic signal pole without Caltrans’ permission. Caltrans is working on a permanent fix, which will be to install a traffic signal pole, but that could take some time. In the meantime, Caltrans electrical crews produced a temporary solution, installing a temporary traffic signal pole, and that traffic signal is up and running. The permanent fix is coming.

Q: Thanks for your recent column about getting feedback to Apple about mapping errors. The reader who wrote that he’d been successful in getting error information to Google about their maps inspired me to find instructions for reporting Google Maps errors. It’s been driving me crazy that Google suggests going east to west on Highway 4 as the best route to Lake Alpine, in Alpine County, from western Nevada. Now I’ve been able to tell them that’s not a really good route.

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I reported to Google that Highway 4 is narrow, twisty, and not recommended for towing. It’s probably frightening for people who aren’t skilled at mountain driving. I learned to drive in the mountains, and even so, it’s scary to me, because I have no control over who’s coming from the other direction on the narrow sections with less than two lanes.

Because of your column, I’ve now sent that information to Google. Now it’s up to them what they do with it, but at least I’ve had my say.

I read your columns daily for many years while living in Sunnyvale and Campbell. Now I read them every day from Carson City. Thanks for your wonderful work. I have learned so much from the columns.

Diane Fuzere

A: Thanks so much for your feedback, and for suggesting important improvements to Google Maps directions.

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