Letters: Transit hikes | Condor impresses | Sanity, civility | Power misused | GOP’s bad move

Letters: Transit hikes | Condor impresses | Sanity, civility | Power misused | GOP’s bad move

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Outlying counties can’t
afford transit hikes

Re: “Funding for transit is ‘at a crossroads’” (Page A1, Oct. 3).

The article and the poll of 1,802 people left out important people who were being included in the raising of the tolls introduced by state Sen. Scott Weiner.

Those of us who live in Solano County, many of whom earn far less than the people in the polled counties, would have the burden of having two tolls to pay each time they traveled to San Francisco or Marin County. Not only do we need to take a bus (or car) to access BART but we have to pay tolls each time we head to any area of the East Bay. The idea of charging a fee for every mile driven would also be inequitable as those who can afford to live near San Francisco wouldn’t be paying their share.

It would be incredibly unfair to put a higher toll or any tax on Solano County.

Shoshana Nurik

Condor impresses
in East Bay encounter

Re: “California condors spotted near Mount Diablo, Morgan Territory” (Page B1, Oct. 3).

I was so happy to see your article on California condors in today’s paper.

Yesterday I went out to my front yard to get my mail and saw a huge scary-looking bird on the roof of my house. I went inside and found a picture of it in my 1977 edition of The Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds. The Field Guide said they were almost extinct and the few still alive were not in Contra Costa County. I went back outside to look again and found the bird sitting next to a dead squirrel, guarding its afternoon snack.

I’m so glad I got a chance to witness this amazing creature.

Anna Andrews
Walnut Creek

Butler could bring sanity
and civility to Senate

Re: “Senate fill-in is lauded, panned” (Page A1, Oct. 3).

Welcome, Sen. Laphonza Butler, to a divided, conflict-ridden Washington, D.C. Your work and social backgrounds seem to offer diversity that could encourage and lead to interpersonal sanity and civility.

You are following a long-time public servant, Dianne Feinstein, who dedicated most of her adult life to service to her community, continuing that service even under dire circumstances until her recent graduation from this life. The Feinstein model should serve as a positive example for you.

I realize you are entering the national political arena as an appointee and have only a limited period of time to make your senatorial personality known before the next election, but I hope and pray that you can help improve the unacceptable Washington culture.

Franklin Burroughs
Walnut Creek

Newsom misused power
with Senate replacement

Re: “Senate fill-in is lauded, panned” (Page A1, Oct. 3).

We have a new U.S. senator for California. She does not live in this state. She changed her voter registration hours before she was sworn in.

We have over 30 million people in this state, and our governor could not find one of us to fill this position. This is why people hold politicians in such low esteem. Our governor got to check off a lot of politically correct boxes in picking this person.

It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to; this is so wrong. It makes me sick when I see this misuse of power.

Steve Miller
Pleasant Hill

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Ousting McCarthy is
bad move by GOP

Re: “McCarthy ousted as House speaker” (Page A1, Oct. 4).

I can’t believe the Republican Party voted to oust the speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, at a time when our country is in dire straits.

The border is in total chaos, crime is out of control in our cities. A Democrat congressman got carjacked in Washington, D.C., recently.

I think this is a personal thing between Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy. I just think it was a stupid move.

Cathy Ledbetter