Gabe Kapler responds to SF Giants firing: ‘We didn’t win enough to satisfy me or our fans’

Gabe Kapler responds to SF Giants firing: ‘We didn’t win enough to satisfy me or our fans’

SAN FRANCISCO — Gabe Kapler woke up Saturday morning in his North Beach apartment unemployed for the first time in four years.

A day after he was fired as manager of the San Francisco Giants, Kapler responded to the decision with a lengthy and heartfelt statement on Instagram.

“I miss the players, the coaches, all the clubhouse staff, everyone else that I’ve come to know so well already, and I’m like, 15 minutes off my bike in Levi’s Plaza. I may not have been expressive enough in how much I care for everyone in this organization. Every day, walking into that clubhouse and watching everyone under that roof get after it in the weight room, music blasting, then fiercely pursue their jobs, was something special that so few get to experience. I know I was was lucky to be manager of the San Francisco Giants.

“Our support staff is unique and funny, quirky, hard working, and passionate, just like you’d find in so many office environments. Our players prepare relentlessly, though we could always do better. There was a lot written about that in the end. I don’t want  lost what so many did for so long – 162 is a grind, and so many came through and sacrificed everything they had. My nearly four years here were special and unlike any other four years of my life, starting from ‘Covid ball’ and the comedy of preparing with video game simulations. Masks, testing, missing the playoffs on a third order tiebreaker, through 107 wins, and to the disappointment of today; it has all been incredibly meaningful.

“It is a disappointment to say goodbye. My dad introduced me to this city and it’s [SIC] history. Having lived here and been more exposed to it, SF is spectacular. I felt a genuine connection, perhaps not to everyone everywhere of course, but to most. I’ve heard the (loud, haha) criticisms, and I’ve heard the support. I believe we all aspire to come to work every day and believe that the work we do is meaningful, and that was true for me with this group. There was so much development across the board, one of our main initiatives. This organization is filled with bright, hard working, capable people that I loved working with. There are so many aspects that go into the product on the field, and it took so many people I worked with regularly, from the game day staff, our social media group, Giants community fund, our business side, our DEI leaders, and many more.

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“There were lots of debates and challenging conversations every day, and that’s inspiring because it’s real. I felt like I had a chance to help people grow and people helped me to grow, and I am thankful for that opportunity. We didn’t win enough to satisfy me or our fans; that sucks. But each morning and late night riding my bike along the Embarcadero to North Beach, I felt like I had the support of so many in this the city, and I will carry that with me. I’m already looking for a good spot to grab a burger and watch the game tonight. Will be pulling hard for an SFG dub.

“I have a ton more to say; I’ll do that over the course of time. I’m genuinely looking forward to what comes next. I know it’ll be a good ride with lots of learns (and wins, whatever form they come in).”

Kapler went 295-249 (.542) in his nearly four full seasons in San Francisco.

With two games remaining, the Giants now turn their focus to finding his replacement.

Farhan Zaidi said the team planned to cast a wide net and hoped to have a new manager in place by the start of free agency.