Webster tube to close overnight next week for maintenance: Roadshow

Webster tube to close overnight next week for maintenance: Roadshow

Q: When Caltrans sent information about overnight maintenance closures for the Webster tube, I searched for Alameda residents’ comments about the tubes. Here’s one from 2019:

“The tubes are the lifeline, along with our four bridges, to get out of Alameda in a disaster, or for emergency responders to come to Alameda.”

Roger Ecker

A: Caltrans will close the Webster tube for maintenance work overnight each night on Oct. 2, 3 and 4. The tube will close at 10 p.m. and reopen at 4:30 a.m. the following morning. It will remain open during the day

During the overnight closures, detours will be in effect at the Posey Tube and CHP officers will be in place to assist motorists.

Q: I read too much about speeders on Highway 17 and thought it would not affect me. Pretty much every Monday, I drive from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz for pleasure. I set my cruise control at the speed limit and have a comfortable ride.

About a month ago, we returned after having dinner at the pier. It was after 9 p.m., and traffic cones were set on 17. The speed limit was reduced to 40 mph. I drove at the speed limit, and continued in the right lane. After about 100 yards, the cones directed me to move to the left lane.

A car was coming behind me at high speed in the left lane. I had to choose: Cut the car off, pushing it into the center divider or plow through the cones? I choose the latter. Result: My bumper and splash guard have to be replaced, at my expense.

Next time, I will move over much earlier and have the cars behind me drive at the speed limit or less.

Sorry to the hard-working street pavement fixers for messing up your traffic cones.

Klaus Schumann

A: Thanks for your cautionary tale, and for having prevented what could have been a very serious accident.

Q: I bought an electric car a year ago and am still learning about how to take advantage of all that it offers. As an elderly driver (81), I’m so happy that it has all the driving assists to keep me alert and safe. I usually charge at home, but recently I have been charging at the new superchargers available for non-Tesla EVs. Oh my, there is a whole subculture of rudeness at the charging stations that was new to me!

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You have addressed road rudeness many times in your column, but I’m wondering if the charging station rudeness has been discussed.

Jo Howard

A: Our daughter has mentioned poor charger maintenance at some charging stations, but hasn’t mentioned rudeness. Does anyone want to weigh in on Jo’s observation?

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