Letters: Levi’s attendees | Congress and climate | Baby steps | Romney’s principles | Keys to patriotism | GOP playbook

Letters: Levi’s attendees | Congress and climate | Baby steps | Romney’s principles | Keys to patriotism | GOP playbook

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Santa Clara must rein
in Levi’s attendees

While Santa Clara makes a killing off the concerts at Levi’s Stadium, the concertgoers are a nuisance to the surrounding communities.

They come and park in our communities for free parking, are loud and raucous while the city turns a blind eye. The city needs to enforce no parking zones and allow designated-parking-only for concerts and events at Levi’s.

Enough of this nonsense.

Kedar Vaidya
Santa Clara

Congress must do more
for the climate fight

Re: “State sues oil giants over shifts in climate” (Page A1, Sept. 17).

It’s about time the oil companies got sued for all the damage that they have done.

And it’s not surprising that oil company executives and their cohorts are countering with major backlash to this lawsuit.

Ryan Meyers, senior vice president and general counsel for the American Petroleum Institute, stated, “Climate policy is for Congress to debate and decide, not the court system.”

Well, actually, we need both. A lawsuit like this could take years to work through the courts. We need action sooner than that.

Congress successfully passed the 2021 bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act — both influential in the fight against climate change.

It’s now time for Congress to take a different kind of climate action — holding the oil companies accountable by making them pay for their carbon pollution.

Reintroducing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act would be a great place to start.

Paula Danz
Los Altos

Baby steps could nudge
us to plant-based diet

Re: “Plant-based diet offers climate solution” (Page A6, Sept. 13).

A doctor told a person they were endangering their health and needed to lose 100 pounds. The person said, “I can’t do that.” “Can you lose 50?” the doctor asked. “No.” “20?” “Probably not.” “10?” “Maybe.” “Five?” “Yes, I think I can.” A month later the person saw the doctor again and their weight was down five pounds. “Can you lose another five?” “Yes.” And, five pounds at a time, the person lost the 100 pounds.

While many people agree with Karen Rubio’s goals, few people feel able to do a totally plant-based diet. But most people could switch 5% of their animal protein to plant protein. After a month, try increasing it to 10%. And 15% the following month. Sure, many will stop before 100%. But if the average switch obtained was 50%, it would greatly improve our planet’s health.

Max Steinke
San Jose

Let’s hope Romney is
not alone in principles

Re: “Romney will not seek reelection to Senate” (Page A4, Sept. 14).

Bravo, Mitt Romney, a man of moral character, who shows that one need not be ruled by cowardice. He took an oath of office that would not permit him to support a president who was not loyal to the Constitution and who was not acting in the best interest of the country. His belief that Donald Trump was running an anti-Democratic, authoritarian movement within the Republican Party led him to be the only Republican senator who voted to impeach Trump.

He has stated that his decision to not seek re-election was based on the idea that it is time for a new generation of younger, more idealistic and realistic (yes, both) members of Congress. He has also called on both Joe Biden and Trump to “stand aside and let their parties pick someone from the next generation.”

Is this a pipe dream? One can only hope that it is not.

Lorraine D’Ambruoso
San Jose

Self-reflection, humility
are keys to patriotism

What is a patriot?

The recent convictions and sentencing for Proud Boys and other insurrection participants made me think about patriotism in the United States today. Citizens with agendas have usurped the word patriotism and the American flag for their own. It is easy to put on some army fatigues and a flak jacket, pick up a long gun and shout about “freedom,” but doing so doesn’t make one a patriot.

So what does it take? How about some humility and self-reflection for starters, but most importantly a dedication to the truth — combine that with a curiosity about our history and respect for others and I think you have a good start.

I hope all Americans would reflect on our flag for themselves, find renewed pride in the symbol and dedicate themselves to being true patriots.

Robert McClelland

GOP has run this
playbook before

The GOP playbook when it controlled the House is to immediately weaponize several committees to investigate and harass the Democrats they hate and fear the most. In the 1990s they doggedly pursued the Clintons regarding their Whitewater investment; when Barack Obama was president, they raked Hillary over the coals regarding Benghazi; and now it’s Hunter Biden’s turn. These faux investigations last years and end up predictably without proof of any wrongdoing.

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Chapter two is to threaten to shut down the government ostensibly to pursue fiscal responsibility. This is a sham because no Republican administration has ever balanced a budget.

The third chapter of the playbook, if they also control the White House, is to enact tax cuts generally most helpful to the wealthy.

With the playbook completed, the GOP concludes the election cycle by digging in to sabotage anything the Democrats might propose. Next election? The GOP simply hits “rewind.”

Bob Parker
San Jose