Hercules: Stolen vehicle suspect flees into hills, tased by police

Hercules: Stolen vehicle suspect flees into hills, tased by police

A man suspected of driving a stolen Ford Econoline van was subjected to a taser and arrested Saturday afternoon in Hercules after attempting to flee officers in a pursuit.

The suspect, a man in his 30s, is in custody after receiving hospital treatment. Police have not released his name.

The man was detected by an automated license plate reader camera at about 2:45 p.m. Saturday as he was driving north on San Pablo Avenue and Tsushima Street, a semi-residential area just under a half-mile away from a Safeway grocery store.

Responding officers initiated a “high-risk” stop when they found the man exiting the allegedly stolen van in the Safeway parking lot, but he fled on foot into a forested hillside opposite the store plaza, police said.

Another officer driving south on San Pablo Avenue saw the suspect fleeing and chased him to Refugio Creek, which runs through the hills along John Muir Parkway.

The suspect was carrying a hunting knife in his waistband, police said in a social media post, and he “would not listen to the officers’ lawful commands.”

“The officer deployed his taser and the subject still attempted to flee until another officer arrived and he was able to be arrested,” police said.

The suspect was already on parole for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, authorities said. The Ford van left parked in front of Safeway was ultimately towed.