Letters: Transit funding | Good faith | Taiwan and UN | Founders’ standards

Letters: Transit funding | Good faith | Taiwan and UN | Founders’ standards

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Transit needs better
funding source than tolls

Re: “Bridge toll hike plan faces big divide” (Page A1, Aug. 28).

As an urban planner, I’m gratified to see this article about an important topic. However, the impact of toll increases on lower-income people is not only about the tolls themselves.

Higher tolls are an opportunity cost that impedes families from exploring the Bay Area. Fares for a whole family on BART are prohibitive. Piling into the car and crossing the bridge is probably cheaper. Too many people do not explore outside their neighborhoods because of financial (and other) barriers.

Also, tolls are a regressive tax. A more progressive means of raising transit money is needed.

Michael Cassidy

Lafayette making good
faith housing effort

Re: “Places like Lafayette cause gentrification” (Page A6, Sept. 1).

Perhaps Valerie Sloven of Pleasant Hill should spend more time worrying about the crime occurring in Pleasant Hill than worrying about Lafayette housing density.

She cites the “Terraces of Lafayette” project, which she calls “homes.” No, it is a massive apartment project, and the citizens of Lafayette should have approved the reduced scope of the project (approximately 45 single-family homes).

Don’t attack Lafayette for being “70% White.” Is that now a crime? Lafayette has increased its affordable housing in an effort to make its population more diverse to meet state goals. Gentrification occurs when properties (particularly in inner-city communities) are purchased and improved, which raises property values and rents, frequently causing low-income people to have to move. That is not what is occurring in Lafayette.

Rick Silvani

Taiwan should be
a U.N. member

On the eve of the 72nd anniversary of the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty in San Francisco, it’s hard to believe that Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations. It’s totally against the U.N. mission that Taiwan has been excluded from most international organizations. The crisis at the Taiwan Strait is totally due to China’s aggressive actions.

There is clearly one Taiwan and one China; Taiwan is not part of China. Peace in the Taiwan Strait means stability in Asia and the world.

Taiwan matters. Accept Taiwan as a U.N. member.

Muh Chen

Trump doesn’t meet
founders’ standards

Let’s talk about the “insurrection clause” of the Constitution. Lawyers and judges can argue the letter of the law until blue in the face as to whether this provision disqualifies Donald Trump from holding office again. But how about the spirit of the law?

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The spirit of the law looks at what the law is really trying to get at. Do you think our highly moral Founding Fathers would qualify Donald Trump for a second term of office even if they had no idea about the outcome of his four criminal trials? In other words, if they only knew what we know today?

Various newspaper watchdogs and fact checkers cataloged over 30,000 distortions, exaggerations, half-truths, and outright lies over the course of his four-year administration. Does Trump meet even the minimum standard expected for the lowest position of political leadership in America, let alone the highest?

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah