Where to get your classic car smog-checked? Readers share Bay Area options: Roadshow

Where to get your classic car smog-checked? Readers share Bay Area options: Roadshow

Q: I have the answer for reader Bob Lee’s smog test question about his ’94 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. He should call Matt at the 76 Union Station on Meridian at Willow in San Jose. Not only does he have the right equipment to do the testing on older cars, but he’s also a legend in the neighborhood for taking care of vintage vehicles. I should know as I have a ’93 Geo Prizm that passes all of her smog tests and gets great TLC with Matt.

Sue Allen

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Q: My husband is the original owner of a 1998 Mazda B3000 pickup truck with a little over 100,000 miles on it. For a smog check, he takes it to Fidelity Automotive on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz. If Bob can’t find a place in San Jose, the weather is lovely this time of year in Santa Cruz and he could just cruise on over.

When the truck “aged out” of regular smog checks, our longtime independent mechanic told us about this option. It’s my understanding that it takes special equipment to deal with the older vehicles, which, of course, is an additional expense for the business, so that’s why not everybody offers it. It’s not just orneriness.

Barbara Hobbs, Santa Cruz

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Q: Smog Dogs in Pleasant Hill … no problem with the smog check on an older vehicle.

Janice Negherbon

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Q: Smog Hut on North Fourth Street in San Jose. We have a 1990 BMW 325I that has been tested there ever since we have had the car. It has approximately 200,000 miles and has never failed to pass.

We also took all our work trucks for their tests. Most had well over 150,000 miles.

Jerry Meador

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Q: Bob Lee should be able to get his vehicle smog tested at any STAR-certified smog test station. I have had my 1987 vehicle tested for years at City Smog in Fremont.

Steve Dollar, Fremont

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Q: I’m pretty sure he can go to a smog referee station. Check the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

John P. Souza, Hollister

A: Roadshow readers come through again.

Q: Are there any major road closures over Labor Day weekend?


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A: A long-ago planned Labor Day weekend closure has been canceled in both directions for Interstate 680 in the Pleasanton area.

Caltrans is repaving northbound 680 and replacing entire sections of the roadway on 680 between Koopman Road in Sunol and Alcosta Boulevard in San Ramon. This work requires lane closures, but none this weekend.

One significant closure is still happening: Caltrans is closing westbound Interstate 80 between 780 in Vallejo and Highway 4 in Hercules from Aug. 31-Sept. 5. This closure is to accommodate major pavement repair work on 80 in Contra Costa County.

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