Bridge: Aug. 31, 2023

Bridge: Aug. 31, 2023

“… that amazing moment when you hear a song you haven’t heard in years, yet you remember every word.” — graffiti.

Bridge involves drawing on your experience. A good declarer may survey dummy and say, “I’ve seen this situation before.”

Today’s North opened and rebid clubs with a light hand, and South launched into Blackwood. When North showed two aces, South might have bid seven hearts, a good spot if North had held longer clubs.


At six hearts, South won the first diamond with the queen, drew trumps, took the A-K of clubs and ruffed a club. When West discarded, South lacked the entries to set up and cash the fifth club; he tried the ace and another diamond, hoping for a lucky break. No luck; down one.

An experienced declarer might see the winning play. After South draws trumps, he plays a low club from both hands. He wins the diamond return, takes the top clubs and ruffs a club. Then dummy’s fifth club is good for the 12th trick. The ace of spades is an entry.


You hold: S K 2 H A K Q J 10 D A Q 5 3 C 6 3. You open one heart, your partner responds two clubs, you bid two diamonds and he tries two spades. What do you say?

ANSWER: Partner’s two spades forces to game, so you surely have a slam, maybe a grand. Bid three hearts, suggesting a good hand and a six-card suit or strong five-carder. If partner bids 3NT next, bid 6NT.

North dealer

N-S vulnerable


S A 7 3

H 6 5

D 6 4 2

C A K 5 4 2


S J 8 4

H 9 7 4 2

D J 10 9 8

C 10 8


S Q 10 9 6 5

H 8 3

D K 7

C Q J 9 7


S K 2

H A K Q J 10

D A Q 5 3

C 6 3

North East South West
1 C Pass 2 H Pass
3 C Pass 4 NT Pass
5 H Pass 5 NT Pass
6 D Pass 6 H All Pass
Opening lead — D J

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