The reason Bob Barker won’t have a funeral or memorial service

The reason Bob Barker won’t have a funeral or memorial service

Vivian Kwarm | New York Daily News

Friends and family of the late Bob Barker are honoring his last wishes following his death, which included not having a funeral.

The TV legend requested “not to have a funeral or memorial service,” his longtime publicist Roger Neal shared with Daily News. ”He just felt that should be something very private. So we’re just following his wishes. He wanted the burial to be private.”

Best known as the inaugural host for the CBS game show “The Price Is Right,” Barker will be laid to rest next to his wife Dorothy Jo Barker, which was also his desire. She died in 1981 of lung cancer.

The beloved TV personality owned the plot of land next to her grave for decades to ensure they would be with each other forever. ”They’ll be together, side by side at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood hills,” Neal said.

Hollywood tributes for the television veteran poured in following the Aug. 26 announcement, including Adam Sandler who expressed his love and adoration in an Instagram post writing “The man. The myth. The best. ”He continued, “Such a sweet funny guy to hang out with. Loved talking to him. Loved laughing with him. Loved him kicking the crap out of me. He will be missed by everyone I know! Heartbreaking day. Love to Bob always and his family! Thanks for all you gave us!”

Drew Carey, who succeeded Barker as the host of ‘The Price Is Right’, also shared a heartwarming tweet in his honor captioned, “There hasn’t been a day on set that I didn’t think of Bob Barker and thank him. I will carry his memory in my heart forever. #RIPBobBarker We love you.”

While the beloved Emmy winner left the game show in 2007, Neal says the outpouring of appreciation is because of the “love affair” he had with viewers.

”Barker would sit on the edge of the stage and talk to the audience before they left and during the commercial breaks. He really cared about the viewers. When you saw people run on stage and give him a hug or give him a kiss, that was real. That was genuine.” They’re characteristics he embodied until his final days, which Neal describes as “peaceful.”

Neal attributed Barker’s longevity to his longtime companion Nancy Burnet, crediting her as “the reason he was able to live for so long.”

”They’ve been together since 1983, she was in charge of everything for Barker. She took such excellent care of him all these years. Even the last years as he was getting well into his 90s, she really made sure she had the best of everything.”

He added, “Nancy didn’t want to do any on-camera interviews because she’s just, you know she’s sad and emotional.”

Neal is also coping with the loss of his longtime client, with whom he began working in 1987. “People have asked me over the years, ‘Who’s your favorite client?’ and the first name out of my mouth is Bob Barker, always.”