The Impact of Your Gift: Empowering Lives with AACSA’s CARES Program

The Impact of Your Gift: Empowering Lives with AACSA’s CARES Program

Hey there, amazing Wish Book donors! As the holiday season approaches, we want to take a moment to share a heartwarming update about the impact of your generous gifts on our story about African American Community Service Agency (AACSA) for Wish Book 2022. Your contributions have made a remarkable difference in the lives of individuals facing homelessness and adversity. Let’s dive into the inspiring stories of hope and resilience made possible by your support.

Funds for Homelessness Prevention through AACSA CARES Program

Thanks to your donations, AACSA’s CARES program has been able to provide vital support to homeless individuals or those at risk of homelessness. The program offers CARE packages, overnight stays at local motels, rental assistance, and transportation services for various social service appointments. So far, your contributions have supported 150 individuals, providing them with much-needed resources and stability during challenging times.

Supporting Homeless Students at San José State University

During outreach at San José State University (SJSU), AACSA staff encountered a few students on the verge of completing their degrees but facing homelessness. Your emergency funds allowed AACSA to step in and support these determined students. Instead of studying from the back seats of their cars, these young scholars were housed, fed, and provided with essential resources. AACSA’s intervention enabled them to focus on their studies without the burden of homelessness hindering their academic success. Shockingly, an SJSU Cares survey revealed that 11.2% of the student body (approximately 4,000 students) had experienced homelessness in the past year, emphasizing the urgency of your support.

Amber Mopress: A Journey of Transformation and Impact

You might remember Amber Mopress from last year’s Wishbook feature, and we are delighted to share that she continues to make a significant contribution to AACSA as a Community Worker on their staff. Amber’s dedication and hard work have paid off, as she recently received a Drug and Alcohol Peer Mentoring Certification, further enhancing her ability to serve others. Her inspiring journey of recovery has become a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges.

Spreading Hope and Awareness

Amber’s story, which was featured in the Mercury News last November, has touched the hearts of many, raising awareness about the impact of AACSA’s work and the transformative power of your donations. Her willingness to share her lived experience at community events has inspired countless individuals, fostering empathy and understanding among the community.

Gratitude for Your Support

We cannot express enough gratitude for your unwavering support of AACSA through the Wishbook Program. Your generosity has allowed them to continue their critical work, serving those in need and creating positive change in the community. Together, we are making a real difference, one life at a time.

As the holiday season approaches, we hope you feel a sense of pride and joy knowing that your gift has empowered individuals to overcome challenges, achieve their dreams, and find hope in their darkest moments. Your kindness and compassion are the true spirit of giving, and we are immensely grateful for the positive impact you have made on the lives of those served by AACSA.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a force for good in the world. Your support has truly made a difference, and we look forward to sharing more inspiring stories of transformation and resilience in the future.

From all of us at Wishbook and AACSA, wishing you a holiday season filled with love, joy, and the warmth of knowing you’ve made a lasting impact on the lives of others.

With heartfelt thanks,

The Wishbook Team


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