New Mattel Adventure Park to feature Barbie beach house, Hot Wheels roller coasters

New Mattel Adventure Park to feature Barbie beach house, Hot Wheels roller coasters

Mia Taylor | TravelPulse (TNS)

The Mattel Adventure Park slated to open in Arizona next year will feature two Hot Wheels-themed roller coasters and — just in time to ride the Barbie-craze sweeping the country — a life-size Barbie beach house.

There will also be attractions based on longtime kid-favorite Thomas & Friends, Masters of the Universe, Magic 8 Ball, Pictionary, and UNO at the nine-acre park, which will be located in Glendale, south of State Farm Stadium.

The park is planning to operate year-round and its attractions will be located both outdoors and indoors in air-conditioned facilities (which is good news in a hot climate state like Arizona).

“Mattel Adventure Park features a unique and strategic year-round indoor and outdoor design providing acres of air-conditioned space to ensure a cool guest experience all summer long here in the heat of Arizona,” Mark Cornell, president at Epic Resort Destinations, said in a statement. “Our attractions development team are simply redefining the entertainment channel by bringing Mattel’s powerhouse, evergreen brands to life like never before.”

Mattel Adventure Park will include two Hot Wheels themed rollercoasters — Hot Wheels Bone Shaker: The Ultimate Ride and the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer. (Courtesy Mattel/TNS) 

The park is being built in collaboration with Epic Resort Destinations, a developer specializing in Intellectual Property driven resorts and location-based entertainment. Attractions are being designed to have multi-generational appeal, aiming for both adults who want to relive their childhoods and kids who want to have a fun-filled day based on their favorite toys.

The two Hot Wheels-themed roller coasters will be the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker: The Ultimate Ride and the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer.

The Hot Wheels Bone Shaker is described as a family-friendly coaster that will reach a maximum height of 84 feet. It will be the first coaster to feature the classic Hot Wheels hot rod skull design. The Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer, meanwhile, promises to take guests through a double loop and two corkscrews.

“Mattel Adventure Park is an amazing opportunity to bring our beloved brands to life,” Julie Freeland, senior director of global location-based entertainment at Mattel, said in a statement. “Construction is underway, and substantial progress has been made on what will give fans of all ages a day of thrills and nostalgia. We’re especially excited for families to experience the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker rollercoaster — a dream come true for any Hot Wheels fan.”

The Barbie Beach House meanwhile, will come complete with a Barbie Dream Closet Experience and hologram technology that will be used to bring Barbie to life for visitors, according to Yahoo. There will also be a Barbie rooftop bar and restaurant that offers views of the park. And naturally, the bar will serve pink drinks.

Additional attractions at the forthcoming theme park include:

Thomas & Friends: World of Sodor. This space will include seven family-friendly experiences and attractions, as well as an indoor play space for younger children.

Masters of the Universe: A themed laser tag arena, this attraction will be 4,500 square feet

A mini-golf course and an Uno climbing structure.

The upcoming theme park will be located at the 60-acre Vai Resort, a sprawling new resort that is also slated to open next year. A live webcam of the park’s progress can be viewed on the park’s website here.

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