Letters: Local solar | Titan resources | Activism helps

Letters: Local solar | Titan resources | Activism helps

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Local solar is state’s
transmission solution

In “How California can resolve its transmission lines bottleneck” (Page A8, Aug. 6), Nora Mead Brownell describes the inadequacy of our transmission lines to deliver the tripling of grid capacity we require by 2050. Ms. Brownell fails to mention a far superior solution, which is to co-locate electricity generation with consumption.

A 2016 article posited that rooftop solar, if maximized across California, could generate over 74% of our total needs. Using roofs means no environmental drawbacks, no line losses, no wildfires, lower energy costs, local jobs, and, when coupled with home batteries in EVs or on walls, no outages.

We need safer transmission lines but not more of them if we maximize the use of our roofs. Unfortunately, Gov. Newsom’s appointments to the CPUC derailed rooftop solar, echoing faulty logic promoted by PG&E. PG&E wants more highly profitable transmission lines; Californians need much greater local power.

Doug McKenzie

Titan recovery resources
could be better spent

The loss of lives on the Titan submersible is an unspeakable tragedy. Their absence is an immeasurable void, a painful reminder of the fragility of humanity. However, amidst this sorrow, I’d like the public to consider broader implications.

The numerous resources devoted to recovering the wreckage of the Titan are in the millions. These funds (most likely paid for with our taxes) could be redirected toward combating poverty, offering hope to countless lives. We should emphasize the importance of foreign aid in fighting against global hunger and poverty, saving millions of lives annually.

It is a delicate balance, one that requires us to mourn the loss of the passengers while contemplating how resources can be allocated. The truth is, while the lives lost may never be brought back, we hold the ability to save millions of others from similar fates.

Palak Guleria

Organize to defeat
right-wing climate plan

Re: “Far-right climate strategy: Drill more” (Page A1, Aug. 6).

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The Heritage Foundation’s plan for dismantling environmental protections is frightening to anyone who cares about our environment. The issue of climate change, especially, has fallen victim to our polarized politics, yet the impacts will affect us all. Many Republicans recognize the urgency, even if their leadership does not yet acknowledge it, but often feel put off by the liberal leaning of climate action groups. Yet collective action is vital.

Groups working on conservative solutions to climate change include republicEn.org and the youth-led American Conservation Coalition (acc.eco). Or you could join us at Citizen’s Climate Lobby (cclusa.org), where all political persuasions are needed as we work toward bipartisan solutions that make a difference. Just, please, go somewhere to add your voice — our leaders need to hear our concerns.

Irmgard Flaschka